About Us

The Best Options for protecting your assets

Planning for your retirement can be overwhelming. Trust the professionals from Alpha Omega Total Asset Protection, LLC to develop a simple and safe strategy. Our specialists will find the retirement planning options that best suit your needs and protect your valuables and assets.

Meet the Founder

Charles W. Holman (Chuck) has more than twenty years of experience in retirement planning. He is supported by a vast network of professional colleagues, which assists him to efficiently develop the best solutions for our clients. Mr. Holman has been a wealth transfer practitioner since 1999, and is a certified senior adviser.

In addition to helping people plan for their financial futures, Mr. Holman is an active contributor to various charitable and church organizations. Chuck is a member of FCCI and the author of the book Ask you shall receive.

Alpha Omega Total Asset Protection, LLC has an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau. Chuck believes everyone should have someone with honesty and integrity who is committed to making financial planning simpler and safer.